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What is SMPL?

SMPL (Small Business Management Platform) is an all-on-one, cloud-based CRM that is simple to use and highly adaptable to your business' sales process or pipeline. SMPL provides you with a whole suite of tools to assist in all aspects of running your business.

How does it Work?

We start off by connecting to your existing website, or providing one through your SMPL system. Once connected, form submissions go directly into your SMPL system and are placed into your sales cycle, with those who have expressed interest in your services pushed to the front of the line. Your clients and leads are auto-sorted for easy access using your customized data and fields, and can be easily filtered and segmented into lists for marketing or follow-ups.

Who is AJ Wilder?

AJ Wilder is a team of dedicated programmers that feel getting the most out of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system shouldn't require a degree in database management. Nor should your process be forced into someone else's idea of how you should conduct your business.

Mission Statement

"Keep It Simple"

SMPL Configurations Here are some of our pre-packaged configurations designed to cater to specific industries or types of business. All of these are just base starting points, since every SMPL System can be configured to your specific business and your business process.

This configuration of the SMPL system is designed to assist in the sales and marketing process for your event-based business. Whether you're a DJ, Caterer, Florist, Photographer or Event Planner, this configuration of the SMPL System pushes relevant information to you and your calendar; and allows you to invoice clients, send contracts and automatically market to past clients on anniversaries and dates of special events.
This configuration of SMPL is designed specifically to push your product or food menu online, and to attract people to sign up/register on your website. Increase the overall number of potential customers reached with regular emailing of daily specials, discounts/coupons and other special occasions. Give yourself a digital presence and gain all the benefit with none of the complex hassle.
FSB (For Small Business): For the more traditional business model of contacts associated with contracts. Utilize our full suite of tools to deliver a truly simple solution to your sales and marketing needs for your small business. Manage your website, marketing and other communications, calendar, social media, tasks and documents all under one system. We can even make custom modules to plug into your site to suit your needs. Keep it SMPL.

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